Good morning CraftyStealers!

My project for this week is still on the subject of taming paper clutter.  After all, it comes on the tails of my post a couple of Sundays ago about organizing all of the paperwork that enters the house – especially from school.

Well, after I wrote about the way I hang up my children’s art projects (on a long photo holder), I decided we might need a change around here.  Something new for the new year. I thought about all of the “Look what I did!” signs that I have seen at friend’s homes, on Etsy and in a boutique every now and then.  I have always thought they were cute (and of course said my favorite thing – you know, the crafter’s mantra – “I could do that myself!”) so I adapted the idea to fit my family and put a little twist on the old idea.

Here’s what I used:

  • 1 piece of wood from the home improvement store (mine is poplar and 6″ x 24″)
  • chalkboard paint and foam brush
  • wood primer
  • sandpaper
  • adhesive vinyl
  • die-cutter
  • bullfrog clips
  • hot glue
  • chalk markers
  • picture hangers (teeth)

First, I sanded and primed my wood to get it ready for the chalkboard paint.

Then, because it was raining outside, I propped my board up on two plastic cups on my countertop and put two layers of chalkboard paint on the front and sides of the board.

Next up, I cut my saying out of adhesive-backed vinyl with my trusty Silhouette SD. Using the transfer paper to keep the words aligned, I transferred the whole shebang onto my board.

Now add the hanger teeth to the back of the board.  Using a level, make sure they are lined up nicely.  Then, to make hanging easier (thank you Pinterest and I *heart* nap time !), you can put a piece of painter’s tape in between the hangers.

Flipping the sign back over, hot glue the bullfrog clips at equal distances apart.  (By the way, I had originally purchased some metal ones at the office supply store for $4 per 2-pack.  Then, when perusing the dollar bins at Target, I found some black plastic ones that were 4 for $1. Ding ding ding! Back to Office Max the metal ones will go!)

All ready to hang!  Just take that piece of tape and put it on the wall – this will tell you how far apart the nails/screws need to be.

Now add the masterpieces and prized schoolwork to the clips!

You may be wondering how this is any different from other signs? Well, I made this sign a chalkboard, so that the kids can title their own work, make their own comments, or so my husband or I could make comments on their achievements.  I used a chalkboard marker that erases with a wet wipe, and just left it sitting on top of the board.

(By the way, I apologize for the yellow tones in the last photos, I hung this sign in the hallway and the lighting in there is not so fabulous no matter how I tried to light it up!)

I hope you all had a great weekend and that we can all “steal” some time to get our craft on!